About Us

Established in 2010, OPPLE LIGHTING PHILIPPINES INC., is the Philippines exclusive distributor of one of the leading lighting brands in China, OPPLE. The company believes that choosing the better quality of light will lead you to a better future. We are committed to provide high-quality products, stress-free and flicker free at affordable price.

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Brand Values

Providing excellent support, information and developing the market.
Business partners, consumers, society, planet & employees.
Applications, fixtures, light sources, and services.

Hospitality & Retail

OPPLE Lighting continues to lead the way in hospitality lighting with the launch of a range of new products designed to match the latest trends in the industry. By integrating our best-in-class lighting design with innovative and beautiful luminaires, and matching it all with intelligent control systems, Opple allows you to easily upgrade the quality of your lighting, delighting your guests and increasing their comfort and enjoyment.

Outdoor & Industrial

Opple has light up the main roads and streets of the renowned cities. Providing reliable and durable outdoor and industrial lighting. Countries such as Myanmar says that: “Opple’s LED streetlights are very bright, they have transformed the city. We are looking forward to working with Opple in the future as we install their smart lighting systems to make our roads even safer and more efficient.” Tanzania: “Despite facing many challenges, the Opple-designed solar street lighting has been the ideal solution for our infrastructure projects. The whole Opple team has been excellent to work with, and their technology is helping our commu nities to be safer and brighter even with unreliable grid conditions."

Residential & Office

Opple has also provided bright future to all big and small companies, internationally and locally. In the Philippines, OPPLE has partnered with various brands to light up their offices. The company has been in the business for more than two decades and is known to deliver power-packed products that deliver 100% of what is expected of it. The brand makes sure its customers receive what was initially promised to them. Apart from this, the company does its work quite fast and manufactures one of the best lighting products in the world. Each product undergoes a strict quality check-up so that the final product is free of any defect, such as flickers, and delivers 100% lighting. The brand's love for lighting technology has made them produce the best products that adhere to the latest technology. With so many features, OPPLE sure has become a revolutionary brand. Get their products today and light up your world.



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