Burger King


The new image of Burger King is more delicate, equipped with different functional zones and
adding multiple design elements to enrich indoor design. Garden in 6m high at the entrance
is fast moving consumption zone, which adopts 18W 14 reflector LED lamps for tabletop
lighting and 32, broad beam for wall space lighting. Large columns at the entrance are
hanged with full-size brand slogan and pop, which are brightened with two 18W LED
lamps to avoid bringing customer depression and to ensure illumination of the tabletop below.



starbucks, the world's largest American coffee chain store, is headquartered in Seattle,
Washington, the US. In 39 countries throughout the world, Starbucks has owned more than
13,000 stores across the North America, the South America, Europe, the Middle East and
the Pacific Region. The project is a typical two-storey store for commercial sale with single
spatial function and American leisure style in decoration. Designers firstly meet the regional
function requirements, and then according to customers requirements, divide operation zone
and leisure zone with lighting to create a relaxing and pleasant space for dinging and communication.



Lenovo store exists in three forms, i.e. PC store, 3C store and flagship store, and annually
there are over 3,000 Lenovo stores; the current lighting system has low light efficiency,
large light failure, low color rendering, insufficient luminance, poor safety, high energy
consumption, high costs etc. Directing at the above fact, designers coordinate with distributors
to select all LED lighting products, including small LED semi-embedded spotlight, LED deep
-embedded down lamp, LED track lamp, LED strip etc. Designers employ lamplight's various
techniques of expression to interpret design concepts of different situations and achieve
maximum energy consumption reduction so as to enhance the overall store image.
Subject to different types of stores, designers also develop corresponding lighting standards
to promote the project in a better and faster way.