Adidas Flag ship Store


This is a concept store with all the brands in Adidas, with 4 floors and areas of 3300m2,
OPPLE Lighting met the different needs of different floors.

Intense light is used here to make the space look like a gym. Spotlight and track
light created a lively and dynamic environment.

AKD Luxury Car Mall


The AKD Luxury Car Mall is a 100,000m2 mall dedicated to second-hand cars with a showroom
occupying over 10,000m2. It is the most well-known second-hand car showroom in Greater China.
The interior lighting design matches the sensibilities of the cars on display with a strong emphasis
on the linear flow making the space feel incredibly dynamic and modern.

Jiuzhou Supermarket


Opple suggested that the best approach would be installing LED lighting, ensuring a consistent
light output and a stable color performance at the same time that it guarantees energy savings.